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Morocco is one of the northern most points of Africa, seperated from Europe by a mere 13kms of the Straights of Gibraltar It is dominated by the Atlas Mountains, which separate the fertile coastal regions from the  Sahara desert , Morocco is the only African country with coastal exposure to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea , with its 3500 kilometers of coastline offers a beneficial surf opportunities ,  Surfers will find several first class surf spots down the whole Atlantic coast  , Here you’ll find rocky bottoms alternating with sandy ones and reef breaks together with beach breaks, offering a surfing opportunities for all skill levels  for those already initiated in the art of surfing. Although Americans and Australians were the surfers who brought the sport to Morocco in the 1970′s .  In Morocco, you find not only superb waves that you can surf all year long but also a magnificent back country that you can explore after your surfing   and a local population famous for the warm welcome it accords its visitors.

Season :

Winter is the most popular season with consistent swell, clean surf and warm air and water. Spring and autumn have similar conditions with hotter air and less crowd. Summer can have flat spells . Morocco generally gets over 300 days of sunshine a year, with temperatures   between 20C – 36C.


Taghazout :

Agadir region , aspecialy taghazout village area is one of the best destinations in the world  for both beginners and the experienced , the legend of taghazout was born in the seventies with the arrival of the hippies surfers , 20 years later , with the discover of the best surf spots in the west atlantic coast , taghazout become the best surf destination in africa , easygoing atmosphere and world class waves , there is waves for everyone and spots for every levels . 2 – 3 hours from most of European cities It’s the closest place for any European surfer to get year round warm water and perfect waves . It has recorded low levels of rainfall (less than 20 days per year) and each year has more than 300 days of sunshine


Find us :

we are located in Agadir , about 3 and a half hours from Marrakech . 5 hours drive from casablanca , the best thing to do is give us a call or mail before you arrive .

- Book your  airport pick up , by mailing us or calling us at least 2 days  in
advance .

For the  drop off you can notify the guides a day in advance the same as for the pick up.

Transfers from Marrakech airport It’s about 4 hours drive , we can ensure the airport pick ups at all hours of day and night .

From anywhere in the world :

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Taghazout is the place to go because there are beach breaks, point breaks and reef breaks , but many other areas south of agadir offer the best wave to surf , dont know where to go and how to get in some secret spots ,We offer Surfari surf guiding , our experienced and well trained local surf guids will happily take you to surf the best wave of the day , We can arrange personal guide or you can join our  Surfari package .

Our surfers benefit  of daily transport  to de spots , Packed lunch with fruits , mineral water .



All the necessary equipment is included in the stay in the  surf camp . we will help you find a board that is suiteble for you .





















located in a fishing village , 90 km from agadir , one of the longest rights in the world, perfect for beginners, intermediates and longboarders.  Can turn to world class when the swell gets big enough .

Experience : All surfers                                   

Type : Beach-break , Sandy with rock

Swell direction : NorthWest

Tide position : Mid tide





One of Morocco’s best beach breaks suitable for all levels , Beautiful wild spot , right and left , easy wave .

Experience : beginners and  intermediate                                

Type : Beach break

Swell direction : NW,W,SW

Tide position : All tides





20 minutes drive from taghazout , Fast, long right hand point break with a great inside barrel section.  This is one of the most consistent breaks and is recommended for intermediate to advance due to the currents and rocks.  Offshore most of the time.

“” strong wave, dangerous rocks, Not for beginners “”

Experience :experienced surfers                                                                               

Type : Reef / Pointbreak

Swell direction : Good swell direction

Tide position : Low tide




Right very fast, strong current , available for all levels , Offshore winds are from the east southeast , no danger .

Experience : all surfers (good for beginners )                             

Type : pointbreak ( Rock and sand bottom )

Swell direction : NW

Tide position : Low/middle





This is one of the best waves in the area. It’s about 3 km out of Taghazoute , Famous sand bottomed, world class right hand point break on the right day it can be almost perfect , powerful wave with tube It can reach 5 m , hollow and long runs 150 m wave .

Experience : intermediate / advanced                                   

Type : point break (flat rock and sand )

Swell direction : NW

Tide position : low tide




it offers both lefts and rights , Sandy with rock bottom Best around high tide when the tide is rising .

Experience : intermediate / advanced                                        

Type : reef break

Swell direction : northwest

Tide position : low/middle





Next to Anchors are several break that can be descent . This place seems to pick up more swell than the other spots . Beautiful right hand reef with sand channels. Steep and hollow take off then mellows into a fun and very rippable right hand wall , “” Rocks are a hazard “”.

Experience : Intermediate and advanced                       

Type : reef break

Swell direction : northwest

Tide position : Low and middle





Intermediate to expert surfers , its about 1 km north of Taghazoute town center , Probably the most famous wave in Morocco. It is a long world class right hand point break with long , Anchors is suitable for long and short board riders .

Experience : Intermediate to advanced                                

Type : point break ( sandy with rock )

Swell direction : northwest

Tide position : All tides




Panorama Point is a fast and hollow wave Ideal for beginners , Waves at the beach break both left and right Best around low tide , very close to the village .

Experience : All levels                                                

Type : beach and reef break

Swell direction : northwest

Tide position : Low tide






easy wave , ideal for beginners , Winter is the best time of year for surfing in this spot .

Experience : All surfers                                                   

Type : beach break

Swell direction : NW

Tide position : middle tide





mellow right hand point that breaks over sand, long walls perfect for longboarders , good for beginners , long beach give the the opportunity to surf freely.

Experience : All surfers                                                      

Type : Beach break

Swell direction :  NW

Tide position : All tides